Zeno Enders

I've put together some documents that might be helpful for the job market preparations. If you find something that might be worth putting here, let me know:

zeno.enders( )

General Help

Job Market Presentation

Files from:


John Cawley

Hisham Foad

Stanford 1

Stanford 2


David Miller

David Laibson

Aghion and Rogoff 1

Aghion and Rogoff 2

Nir Jaimovich

Other webpages:

American Economic Association, with papers on the job market etc.


Material for Applications

Sample cover letters from Johannes Abeler, the UCSD, and me

Sample CV (more on CVs and cover letters in the general help files)

A sample Excel sheet for the adresses, where reference letters have to be mailed to

A sample Excel sheet to keep track of your applications


Help on the Interviews

FAQ's in Job Market Interviews

The same FAQ's with some hints what to say

Hints from Navin Kartik and David Miller

A picture of one fifth of the interview room at the American job market (background picture)


Webpages with job market offers

Inomics: Often European offers. Continously updated, subscribe to their newsletter

American Economic Association: One issue each month, American and international offers, and job market scramble

EconJobMarket: Put your profile online. European and international offers, good service

SSRN Newsletter: Register and then subscribe to newsletter under 'subscribe to journals' in the Economics Research Network

Die Zeit: Jobs in Germany, subscribe to newsletter Job in academia and outside, mainly in England

Econ-jobs: Jobs for economists, many outside academia

Econjobmarketrumors: List of jobs with associated forum


"Job Markets", i.e. conferences with job market interviews

World-wide (in the US): Without own presentation, no real deadline for participants

European: From the European Economic Association

France: Some explanations (in English) how the whole thing works in France